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Version 1.9.56 - 04.2024

  • Improvements: add order total to tracking event when order is completed.
  • Improvements: translations compatibility with new WP performance approuch.
  • Improvements: IT translations.
  • Improvements: compatibility with WordPress 6.5.

Version 1.9.51 - 01.2024

  • New: Auto update order status on order tracking page.
  • Changed: improve translations.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.50 - 01.2024

  • Fix: error to complete order in some scenarios.
  • Fix: empty payment method when use Google Maps API.
  • Fix: error when use Google Maps API and response from Google does not have zipcode.
  • Changed: order flow when use Google Maps API to make less requests.

Version 1.9.49 - 01.2024

  • Add: capability to create custom order messages to send on WhatsApp.
  • Fix: change input don’t show on pt-br version in some conditions.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.48 - 01.2024

  • Changed: improve layout on payment selection.
  • Changed: improve layout on product popup.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.47 - 01.2024

  • Fix: special character “&” broke WhatsApp message in some cases.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.46 - 01.2024

  • Fix: special character “&” broke request to create order in some cases.

Version 1.9.45 - 12.2023

  • Fix: JS error when store script try init in some conditions.
  • Fix: miss some address info on delivery by distance when using storage user data.
  • Add: support to Payment API v1.
  • Add: first version of new field order notes to register order changes history.
  • Changed: new fields to payment details in the order admin side.
  • Changed: order notes with more details about order changes.
  • Changed: code improvements.
  • Changed: translations improvements.

Version 1.9.44 - 11.2023

  • Add: beta version of shipping by distance (km) – Google Maps API.
  • Add: compatibility with WordPress 6.4
  • Changed: code improvements.
  • Changed: translation improvements.

Version 1.9.43 - 09.2023

  • Changed: user permission to see Reports.
  • Changed: layout improvelments on front end.
  • Changed: code improvelments.

Version 1.9.42 - 08.2023

  • Add: new option to force Store open or close.
  • Add: suppor to WordPress 6.3.
  • Changed: improve translations.
  • Changed: add support to notification songs direct on plugin to prevent issues with only browser notification on some operation systems.
  • Changed: split delivery and opening hours settings to support new features and better UX on plugin settings.

Version 1.9.41 - 07.2023

  • Add: control to define minimun to select product extra.
  • Add: support to load products by category with plugin MyD Delivery Widgets.
  • Changed: only admin users can see the Reports page.

Version 1.9.40 - 06.2023

  • Fix: disabled product hide button “Add to cart” on product popup.
  • Changed: new input mask to money change.
  • Add: new JS event fired when order is complete (MydOrderComplete).

Version - 06.2023

  • Fix: filter bar hide when page scroll on desktop.
  • Fix: error on class to register custom fields in some versions of PHP.

Version 1.9.39 - 05.2023

  • Fix: load browser notification scripts only on order panel.
  • Add: pt-BR translations to notification messages.

Version 1.9.38 - 05.2023

  • Add: new notification system to orders panel page.
  • Add: control to manage how product price will shown.
  • Fix: new order status not show on track order page.

Version 1.9.37 - 05.2023

  • Add: new option to control product extra and extra option visibility.
  • Fix: coupon exibition issue on order details.

Version 1.9.36 - 05.2023

  • Add: 2 new order status: Done and Waiting.
  • Add: new option to control product visibility (Show, hide or show as not available).
  • Add: new translations.
  • Change: code improvements.
  • Change: style improvements.

Version 1.9.35 - 05.2023

  • Add: new separate step to payment on cart flow.
  • Changed: new currency method to support online payment.
  • Changed: update translations.

Version 1.9.34 - 05.2023

  • Fix: break reports if legacy order items are not migrated.
  • Fix: top 3 products on report.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.33 - 05.2023

  • Changed: code improvements.
  • Add: option on Dashboard to access area to manage the license plan.
  • Add: information about add-ons on the plugin menu.

Version 1.9.32 - 05.2023

  • Fix: show product/order note on print/order panel.

Version 1.9.31 - 05.2023

  • Fix: custom fields migration.
  • Changed: code improvements.

Version 1.9.30 - 05.2023

  • Changed: compatibility with WordPress 6.2.
  • Add: new translations.
  • Changed: repeater control (functions and style) to manage product extra items on admin.
  • Changed: repeater control (functions and style) to manage product order items on admin.
  • Add: support to future version 2.0.
  • Fix: remove old dependencies to use custom fields.
  • Fix: code improvements on template files.

Version 1.9.23 - 02.2023

  • Fix: missed translations.
  • Fix: broken order flow when neighborhood name has a special character.
  • Add: some translations to pt-BR, ES and IT.

Version - 01.2023

  • Fix: JS conflict when try open product after add to cart.

Version 1.9.22 - 01.2023

  • New: Charts to reports.
  • Changed: improvements on reports data.
  • Fix: input height on checkbox in some themes.

Version 1.9.21 - 01.2023

  • Fix: broke JS when search icon are disabled.
  • Fix: lost data when migrate from old version.

Version 1.9.20 - 12.2022

  • New: Open image preview only inside the product popup (product details).
  • New: Close image preview with click out of image area.
  • New: Add structured data to products (schema.org).
  • New: Click on product item box (container) to open popup with details.
  • New: Close cart by clicking outside it (desktop).
  • New: Disable auto zoom on double click on screen (mobile).
  • New: Update translation for pt-BR, ES and IT.
  • New: Convert jQuery to JS vanilla.
  • Changed: string “product note”.
  • Changed: string “order review”.
  • Fix: Date/time localization broke some users with lang Arabic (mobile).

Version 1.9.19 - 11.2022

  • New: Add range date to filter reports.
  • New: Add IT translations.
  • Changed: Add info about MyD Delivery Widgets on settings.
  • Changed: Improve average calc on reports.

Version 1.9.18 - 11.2022

  • Changed: compatibility with WordPress 6.1.
  • Changed: capability to single pages (orders and products).
  • Fix: report total sales price.
  • Fix: report total sales price per period.

Version - 08.2022

  • Fix: lost product image when updated.

Version 1.9.17 - 08.2022

  • New: refactor custom field to product image.
  • New: translations in es-ES.
  • New: translations in pt-BR.

Version 1.9.16 - 08.2022

  • New: add Spanish translations.
  • Fix: CSS conflict with MyD Delivery Widgets.

Version 1.9.15 - 08.2022

  • * Fix: add support to first versions of plugin MyD Delivery Widgets.

Version - 07.2022

  • Fix: new custom field number validation.

Version 1.9.14 - 07.2022

  • Changed: implement refactor custom fields phase 1 to order.
  • Changed: update translations.

Version 1.9.13 - 07.2022

  • Changed: implement refactor custom fields phase 1 to products.
  • Changed: remove unused file to custom fields.

Version - 07.2022

  • Changed: improve requests for update checker.
  • Changed: improve product note input height.

Version - 07.2022

  • Changed: fix input height for product note.
  • Changed: fix force update checker delay.

Version 1.9.12 - 07.2022

  • Changed: enable parameter to force plugin update.
  • Changed: style for product note in popup to prevent break.
  • Changed: update missed translations.
  • Changed: prevent update checker filter run many times.

Version 1.9.11 - 07.2022

  • Changed: decrease number of posts in query to prevent performance issue – manage orders page.
  • Changed: increase license checker time.
  • Changed: don’t exclude lisence key from database when update failed.
  • Added: new functions to manage plugin license.
  • Added: new functions to update plugin.

Version 1.9.10 - 06.2022

  • Fix: force number of posts to show on orders panel.

Version - 06.2022

  • Changed: improve rule/condition to check license activation.

Version - 05.2022

  • Fixed: don’t show product search bar on mobile.

Version - 05.2022

  • Added: custom JS event to fire when product is added to card (used to tracking events in campaigns – Facebook, GAds).

Version - 05.2022

  • Changed: update dev dependences (WP code standards).
  • Changed: set min value for specific inputs (internal use).
  • Fix: search products broken in some browsers.

Version - 05.2022

  • Fixed: remove unused code from old version.
  • Fixed: remove unused code commented.
  • Fixed: don’t return error when try activate and the license is already activated on plugin API.

Version 1.9.9 - 05.2022

  • Changed: minify all JS and CSS to dist version.
  • Changed: reduce +30% of global CSS size.
  • Changed: load CSS by demand when template request.
  • Changed: compatibility with WordPress 6.0.
  • Changed: improve CSS scripts to card.
  • New: save user data in Local Storage after first order.
  • New: autocomplete user data in checkout if is saved.

Version 1.9.8 - 03.2022

  • Added: disable autocomplete for zipcode input on checkout to prevent validation errors.
  • Changed: improve PT-BR translations.
  • Changed: price input validator to acept decimal numbers in shipping options.
  • Changed: improve license API class code.
  • Changed: improve WP_Query for products and categories on front end.
  • Fixed: incorrect custom post type name on custom reports request.
  • Fixed: missing some initial options.

Version - 02.2022

  • Fixed: invalid typification for PHP < 7.4.

Version - 02.2022

  • Fixed: prevent bug in option validator.
  • Fixed: notice in product price formatter.

Version - 02.2022

  • Fixed: PHP error on settings tabs.
  • Fixed: Warning/Notice on settings tabs.

Version - 02.2022

  • Fixed: plugin can’t load translations

Version 1.9.7 - 02.2022

  • Changed: improved API license class to v3.
  • Changed: improved code performance with new plugin structure.
  • Changed: removed not required index.php files.

Version 1.9.6 - 02.2022

  • Added: compatibility with WordPress 5.9.
  • Added: right permission to only admin users see and manage settings.
  • Added: right permission to only admin users see and manage license.
  • Added: plugin admin dashboard. License options moved here and added shortcuts.
  • Changed: plugin admin code refactored.
  • Changed: improved code performance with new plugin structure.
  • Changed: improved api license class to v2.
  • Security: sanitized some missed strings.

Version - 12.2021


  • Fix duplicate string translations.
  • Fix auto redirect option bug.

Version - 12.2021


  • Fix order notification song.

Version - 12.2021


  • Fix PHP error on some users.

Version 1.9.5- 12.2021


  • New feature Reports (first beta version).


  • Fix some string translations in pt-BR.
  • Fix template errors on Orders page. 
  • Code improvements.
  • Security improvements.

Version - 12.2021


  • Fix some string translations in pt-BR.

Version - 11.2021


  • Fix PHP error in some versions of PHP.

Version - 11.2021


  • Improve translation (pt-BR).
  • Code improvement to prevent PHP error in update.

Version - 11.2021


  • Code improvements to manage plugin custom fields.
  • Added action before register plugin custom fields.
  • Solve sintaxe error on pt-br version.

Version - 11.2021


  • Prevent PHP error when plugin path is adjusted.

Version - 11.2021


  • Fix plugin path name after update.
  • Fix CSS conflict with webp images.

Version - 11.2021


  • Improve update system.
  • Improve update system license validation.
  • Fix broken JS on admin product page.

Version 1.9.4 - 11.2021


  • New options structure.
  • Minimum order option.
  • Multiple time slots to delivery in a same day.
  • New submenus structure.
  • New format to check opening hours (JS).
  • New format to check delivery area (JS).
  • Option to auto redirect to WhatsApp after order.
  • Support to future add-ons (soon).
  • Support to future features (custom messages, clients, dashboard and more).
  • New plugin brand/name.


  • Improve store imgs template to native support lazy load and webp.
  • Improve notification bar (JS).
  • Improve notification bar template messages.
  • Improve store JS performance.
  • Improve store HTML template.
  • Improve CSS admin.
  • Improve JS admin.
  • Solve PHP log notices and warnings.
  • Security improvements.
  • Translation updates.

Version 1.9.3 - 11.2021


  • Transition version to new version and plugin brand/name.
  • New update system.

Version 1.9.2 - 4.2021


  • Fixed Broken layout in mobile search.
  • Fixed translate error.

Version 1.9 - 4.2021


  • New categories tags for scroll page.
  • Option to search products on store.


  • Improvements in order JS files.
  • Improvements CSS files.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
  • New system to validate and check license.


  • Format price for international mode.

Version 1.8.6 - 1.2021


  • Improvements in order JS files.


  • Fix wrong with required input.

Version 1.8.3 - 1.2021


  • Updated translates (PT-BR)
  • Check if store is open when user try add product to cart
  • Update Autocomplete address for Brazil


  • Fix “Track order” button in cart checkout.
  • Fix price format in print order and track order.
  • Fix checkout options when has just 1 operation mode.

Version 1.8.2 - 1.2021


  • New order notification/reload order list error (undefined).
  • New translates (PT-BR).
  • Remove required from input “Apartment, suite etc”.
  • Tweak input “neighborhood” if shipping method is per “zipcode” for Brazil stores.


  • Fix error if product price is empty.
  • Fix JS error on Firefox and EDGE browsers.

Version 1.8.1 - 1.2021


  • New translates (PT-BR).
  • Tweaks API url notification.
  • Tweaks CSS in mobile (safari).

Version 1.8 - 1.2021


  • New shopping flow.
  • New order cart.
  • Discount coupons.
  • New template to show products extra with extra category.


  • Update/improve code base.
  • Removed PHP session.
  • Update external library (printJs).

Version 1.7 - 9.2020


  • Order notification on panel with song and auto reload list.
  • First version of the MyDelivery API (internal, just for check new orders. Soon more options in API).


  • Added space between products in print template.
  • Tweaked print template fields.
  • Add Query parameter for improve performance.


  • Change function to enqueue external style for printJS.

Version - 8.2020


  • Fixed AJAX error in WP 5.5.

Version - 8.2020


  • Compatibility with WP 5.5.
  • Fixed AJAX conflict with theme Porto.
  • Fixed CSS conflict with theme Porto.
  • Fixed CSS conflict in mobile version (Safari).
  • Update jQuery Mask library.
  • Update Print JS library.

Version 1.6.4 - 8.2020


  • Auto height to product box for prevent broke.
  • Force remove Zipcode and Number if activated for prevent conflict in some themes.
  • Move some JS and CSS to page footer for more performance.


  • Fixed translated text (pt-br).

Version 1.6.3 - 8.2020


  • Fixe conflict with select product extras in some themes.

Version 1.6.2 - 8.2020


  • New product list structure with CSS grid layout.
  • New HTML/CSS structure for product image.
  • Added product image on popup.
  • Added Lightbox on image popup.
  • New button for add product.
  • Added CSS min-height for list products extras.
  • Change product popup background.
  • New layout option: Show products in 1 or 2 columns on desktop.
  • New layout option: Add or hide box shadow in product on desktop.
  • New layout option: Remove zipcode field.
  • New layout option: Remove address number field.
  • Improve HTML structure.
  • Improve CSS structure.


  • Don’t send table number on WhatsApp message.
  • Broke layout on track order page.
  • Cart scrolling when bigger than the screen.

Version 1.6.1 - 7.2020


  • Fixed: Label error in mode delivery on total price cart.
  • Fixed: Close button position hide in some themes.

Version 1.6 - 7.2020


  • New layout for Product Extra on popup.
  • Product Extra description.
  • New Tab Layout with new options (more coming soon).
  • New style to quantity button (minus and plus).
  • New bag icon and count products.
  • New option to select operation mode in configs (Delivery, Take away or Order in Store).
  • New mode operation “Order in Store”.
  • Button to restart order (replace “edit order” button).
  • New phone mask (0000)000-0000
  • Order details like operation mode, in cart details.
  • Dont send address info in message (on mode Take Away or Order in Store).
  • Dont show address info in order panel (on mode Take Away or Order in Store).
  • CSS style improvements.
  • Code improvements.
  • API security improvements.


  • Zipcode field now don’t accept special characters, just numbers.
  • Fixe: Product quantity field don’t show numbers with more 2 digits.
  • Fixe: Product quantity accept negative numbers or zero.
  • Fixe: Product popup max width for small desktops screen.
  • Fixe: error when row extra option is empty.
  • Adjust image size on light box.

Version 1.5.4 - 6.2020


  • Open product image in Lightbox.
  • New API: support to active license in subfolder.
  • New API: improvement code to use with multsite.
  • New API: deactivate without paste license key.
  • New API: security improvements.

Version 1.5.3 - 6.2020


  • Encode order number in link for track order.
  • Edit text “Change” to “Change for” in cash payment.
  • Edit text “Nota do produto….” to “Observação” in pt-br translate.
  • Break line in extras on cart order.
  • Break line in extras on order panel.
  • Break line in extras on template to print order.


  • Security improvement.
  • Code improvement.

Version 1.5.2 - 6.2020


  • Brake line for products extra in WhatsApp message
  • Shortcode don’t show text
  • API security improvement

Version 1.5.1 - 6.2020


  • Don’t show selected print size in configs.

Version 1.5 - 6.2020


  • Print orders.
  • Configs to print orders.
  • Sticky cart on products page.
  • List products by name in delivery page.
  • New CSS in cart extra details.
  • New CSS in button add to cart on product popup.

Version 1.4 - 5.2020


  • New Order Panel.
  • New Order Status.
  • Shortcode for customer track order.
  • Add link to page order tracker in WhatsApp Message.
  • Just logged user can see order panel.


  • Change inputs (Zipcode and Address number) to type number.
  • Fix bug in selected countries.

Version 1.3 - 5.2020


  • Autocomplete address (Brazil).
  • New field “Apartment, suite e etc” in address form.
  • Field “Neighborhood” fixed in delivery form (Brazil).
  • Show Neighborhood select in address form when shipping type is per Neighborhood.
  • New flow for multi store. Create popup for select when page load.
  • Option: Business Country.
  • Remove fixed business header in delivery page.
  • Shortcode: Business Name.
  • Shortcode: Business Description.
  • Shortcode: Estimate Delivery Time.
  • Shortcode: Delivery Clock.
  • Shortcode: Store Address.

Version 1.2 - 5.2020


  • New layout for popup “add products” in desktop and mobile.
  • Option: Required extra for products.
  • Check required extra when customer add in cart.
  • Translate admin panel (pt-br).


  • Menu anchor don’t work whem category have space in name.
  • Mask dont save in settings.

Version 1.1 - 5.2020


  • Update direct on WordPress.
  • Mask 9 dígits without DDD.
  • Option: numbers after separator (price).
  • Option: decimal separator.
  • Hide license key after activated.
  • New alert messages
  • New translates


  • Link for register stores.
  • improvements and code optimization.
  • Improvements in serial API.

Version 1.0 - 4.2020

  • Initial release.

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