MyD Delivery

Pré sale questions

Got a pre-purchase question about plugin?

No, this plugin dont integrate with WooCommerce. The plugin manage products and all options in the same solution.

No, this plugin have option for multi store but the same business. The registered products are the same for all stores.

You can manage the delivery area in 4 ways:

  • Price fixed (limited per Zipcode range)
  • Price fixed (limited per Neighborhood (locations))
  • Price per Zip Code
  • Price per Neighborhood (locations).

Today no! In this moment just sent payment method (payment name) in order message. But we are working for add in future updates

No, this plugin is for all business delivery. You can register many products type and business type.

Yes! after 1 year, if you dont renew your license, dont receive the updates, but the plugin work normally.

You receive updates directly in your WordPress with our update API.